Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



TODAY we are following Molly and her 4 owlets through a 90 degree heat wave while Max, the largest, pretends to be Big Bird! He is a laugh-riot, trying to walk and wobble!

Molly's owl box calms us through our own acute pain, mingled with fear and grief for PandaPig. And our intense desire to accept whatever happens with grace. We love him so!

NOW FOR SOME GOOD NEWS: This morning, Bear was treated successfully by Dr. Berry for an abcess and Yum-Yum still in possession of "his manhood" until tomorrow morning.
Heh, heh, little fella, just you wait!
After today, his Super-Charged cajones get WHACKED! We hope they "get it all" because he is one CRAZYCAVY and we adore that about him but the other two do not appreciate
being run after in his rabid, uncontrollable attempts to hump anything that moves. Not pretty for anyone. Really, trust us on this one. Not. Pretty. Stop the madness, Dr. Berry!

IF SUCCESSFUL (the cajone whacking) we hope YumYum may once again cohabitate in the same cage with his best pal, PandaPig.

Yum-Yum is a TRUE Space Oddity: He sits on his haunches like a squirrel, leaps through the air AS IF FLYING and has many behaviors not normally associated with ground-dwelling cavies.
He loves being Airborne and often appears to be reaching for the Sky! What do you see, YumYum, that we cannot? Or are you praying? What is it, little Pig, that we don't get about you?!

ALAS, our beloved PandaPig's condition has not changed since yesterday. He is better receiving treatment in hospital than at home without pain meds and hydration, but is not actually recovering, yet.
His illness remains a mystery. Speculation from heart disease, an unknown infection, even cancer; but since nothing more can be done even if he is diagnosed with any of those things,
we choose not to cause further trauma with invasive medical testing. Vet and mom in agreement.

PandaPig is receiving the best treatment in the safest place surrounded by both his herdmates. Now, we wait.
We pray. We send love. We ask you, dear readers for your loving support. And we watch Molly's brood grow in their little owlbox, pondering the incomprehensible Circle of Life.


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