Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, April 5, 2010



Dear Readers,

PandaPig appears to be dying. He is currently receiving palliative care (pain meds, hydration, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics medication) to keep him as comfortable as possible,
as an inpatient at the Animal Hospital up in Lynden.

We have been watching The Owl Box these last few days together as a family, all the piggies (incl. PandaPig until today) and mom; but now Panda has to stay at the hospital and is unlikely to return home.

Mom going tomorrow to be with him. Edwin just called and is coming up from Seattle in the middle of his workweek to support mom and PandaPig.

Unless he experiences a miraculous, Divine Intervention, we will enable him to pass and end his suffering in mom's loving embrace.

He is in physical pain and all by himself in an unfamiliar cage at the hospital. He is so bonded to the herd and mom that we feel it is cruel to leave him there indefinitely, to die alone in the darkness of night.

When mom adopted him she promised to be with him always, love him, care for him, provide friends and herdmates, and NEVER abandon him. So, to prevent his passing alone feeling abandoned and unloved
in a cold, clinical hospital environment, mom will probably say good bye tomorrow holding him close to her heart, in her arms, whispering for him to Go Home to God, carried by angel wings into Divine Love.

We appeal for your blessings that PandaPig enjoy a peaceful, painless transition from his dying earthly body to Heaven.

Once the initial grief and shock has run its course and one of the two remaining piggies feels inspired to take the helm of PandaPig's blog, we will begin a new chapter.

We plan to have him cremated and hope to spread his ashes up at Artist Point on Mount Baker or in the woods behind our home in a Ceremony of Gratitude for all he has given us, which has been his all.

We here at PandaPigSanctuary are devastated and grateful that Edwin is coming up to be with us.

Thank you, precious readers, for your love and support as we grieve.

EDITOR OUT...INDEFINITELY. Panda loves his readers.

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