Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

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Gentle Readers,

This morning mom took Panda to the vet in Lynden, John A. Berry, D.V.M, of Lynden Veterinary Hospital. He's terrific. PandaPig totally endeared himself to all, so gentle and compliant with his exam, being weighed, and the hydration, meds; being handled in a clinical setting by strangers.

We will report more. Later.

For now, while the Herd and mom are having a Total Meltdown worrying about PandaPig, we are glued to Molly and Magee's Barn Owl live video feed. We could hardly go to bed last night!

Especially entertaining for mom is that, since it is Passover, Jewish viewers are making hilarious jokes about keeping Kosher while everyone viewing (including from Asia whose posts are in their script so we don't exactly know what they are saying other than people AROUND THE WORLD ARE UNITED IN VIEWING THIS LIVE-CAM!) ...back to last night and the eating of the poor, unfortunate Easter Bunny: every viewer had something to say, from issuing an Amber Alert for the Easter Bunny, it being consumed on Good Friday...the viewer comments ALL entertaining, fun,INTERNATIONAL, and informative!

Last night, one mouse escaped! Possibly lived. Maybe not. Could have been recaptured and eaten: Nobody in agreement on its fate...

We could not watch the Easter Bunny part because bunnies and this morning's opposum are bigger than WE are... But all wait with bated breath to see if her last egg is viable and if it is, today is its last chance to hatch. So, while PandaPig is ill, we all gather to watch Molly celebrate Passover and Easter with her chicks tearing and shredding or consuming whole whatever Magee brings home; hoping her egg hatches today.

SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT OF GRATITUDE TO am, Oboe-san's mom, for sending this wonderful link!

Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers for PandaPig. We are all deeply grateful and hopeful he will make a full recovery.

mom is overwhelmed, loving BIG on us, and glued to the owl box.

We love you all, precious Readers.


So, except for the execution of small mammals larger than guinea pigs, we are all glued to the tube as a way of bonding with Panda without upsetting him because we feel so uncomfortably concerned about his health.

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