Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Dear Readers,

A very good Monday morning and a tip 'o the hat to ya's! Yes, it's more pics of the owlets and MOD news because this is probably the last week of fledging and we want you to be there with us as we wistfully watch our lil owlets fly the coop!

Also, Edwin is coming for the holiday weekend and we'll be busy! Mom asks him over and over not to do this, but he has
learned the "Wheeking" sound and that it gets us all Wheeking loudly with him, skittering to and fro in anticipation of
fresh treats, our litter scattering all over the newly vacuumed floor! We really love it when Edwin is here, because then
she finds HIM annoying instead of us!

She says, "EDWIN! I asked you not to get them all like that!" and he says, "But I'm Edwin!" then he gives us our treats
and promises to come back once mom least expects it. We all Wheek loudly and he always rewards our bad behavior!
Now THAT'S somebody we can relate to!

So, this will be Molly's Owl Box week, then EdwinBad Weekend, then, who knows? Parades? Street Revivals about
being saved by rappers on Saturday nights? (Yes, we think that is weekly, thank goodness our apartment faces the
opposite side) and more parades and art celebrations and fun, loud, littleCity of Bellingham stuff. We are slowly
growing to enjoy the oddity of urban life. Mom turns to us now for solace, instead of gazing out at the marsh, the hills,
the enlarging beaver lodge, the eagle's nest: It's all about US now! And she appreciates us so much more since we are
now her "nature fix" so more treats. In fact, she has started mini garden hot-boxes to speed up the rate of our wheat
grass crops!

Yes, it's the good life here at PandaPigSanctuary, with the exception of still grieving for Panda and Bear. We miss them.

So, it's up to the Mahals to cheer us up, so read on and discover just how bad they really are! And that cheers ME up!

your favorite guinea pig in the world, the Universe, and throughout every Dimension in Creation,
humble YumYum
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