Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Cab That Never Came...

The same time I called for a cab, a shuttle flight from Seattle had arrived at the airport so no one ever came for us. And now it is so
late I am too sleepy.

Tried force-feeding Raj the wet food mixture version of his pellets
and dry treats but he threw up. His breathing is worse, he seems to
be in pain, and he is moaning. He keeps coming to the edge of my bed to be picked up and I have stopped life-saving interventions other than going down to the car where I left their antibiotics, which I will give him. Other than that, he is being combed, petted, and we are just hanging out. Then he gets up once he is worn out so I place  him back on the floor and he finds a place to lie down, his breathing rapid and shallow. It appears doubtful he will survive the night but at least he will be home.

And YumYum has decided that after being packed into a tunnel with Bhindi today, that it was all Bhindi's fault and the "old" YumYum began his familiar saber-rattling, teeth chattering, and lunging, so dear, innocent Bhindi is now in a separate cage adjacent to Vinny and YumYum, with Vinny being shared between them. Vinny misses Bhindi so much I had to pile up a bunch of Tunnel Floors so he could get high enough to at least see Bhindi and touch noses! Those two! Would really have been nice for the three of them to have been able to live peacefully together but Bhindi and Vinny are certain to have many happy adventures in the future.

Must go down to give and administer their antibiotics now; keep looking at Raj to see if he is still breathing. Can this get any harder? I don't want to know...


  1. It can get harder, but let's hope it doesn't. Good luck.

  2. more love ...
    more tears ....
    more hope ....
    more love.
    more hope.

  3. More thoughts and prayers flowing toward all of you...Take care,