Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, February 17, 2012


~February 17, 2012~

Last night the cab never showed 
up so I took it as a sign of hope.
Raj endured his hydrated food mixture and super-charged antibiotics like a real trooper. And he was in pain. A lot of pain. The vet at the 24 Hour Emergency Clinic remembered me from Calvin and suggested I have pain meds on hand for times like these.
For when the cab doesn't show up.

Then I "got" to give those other three scoundrels their antibiotics.
Bhindi's mouth was nearly impossible to even find beneath
his swirly-fur face and he kept wiggling and shaking his head
back and forth. VinnyGuinea simply slithered effortlessly out
from between my hands and made his escape, running around
looking for Bhindi to play with him. YumYum was grumpy
from his trip to the vet with those two earlier in the day.

By 4:30 a.m. Raj was doing so poorly I still wanted to take 
him to the vet but clearly he was not going to last the night.
So, once the little Pirates had all been caught, given their
antibiotics in different doses according to their weight,
all syringes washed thoroughly and laid out to dry,
I tucked Raj beneath the covers next to me for the night.
By this time he was having frequent, painful seizures
but I felt that the two of us all cozy and warm together
in my bed was the best place and way for him to
spend his last night and this morning when I awoke
only a few hours later, he had mercifully gone to
join his brother, Taj, and the rest of the herd.

Nothing remains now but to keep the Pirates from
even getting sick in the first place.

And figuring out how to post your comments here since 
a few of my close friends and I have attracted the
undesired attention of a rogue person when we
least need it.

If your comment does not appear here, please re-send it
until I figure it out because even the space between the
letters of every word you write brings us comfort.
And our gratitude dwells in an inexpressible place.


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  1. How is Raj this morning?

  2. no more words ....
    you know what we feel.
    we love you.
    we could scream and yell ...
    but he is in his heaven ...
    while we're in our hell ...

    ingrid and helmut and the meeris
    hugs and bussi

  3. Lashes he passed sleeping next to me under the covers
    of our warm bed in only a few hours ago.

  4. What a valiant try! I am so sad, but proud of the way Raj fought so hard. ((Chana and survivors)). A rest and a respite is in order. Prayers of peace.

  5. I have never seen an animal of any species fight as valiantly as did our Raj! And I have worked at a world-class zoo! He may have been neutered, but that Raj "had a pair!"

  6. I really thought he would stay, but he must have been wanting to go to see his friends,on the other side. Running & popcorning again, a happy little boy.Love & hugs my friend.

  7. I am so very, very sorry . . . . dear Raj, dear Chana . . . peace now, for both of you. We send all our love xxxx

  8. I'm so sorry......PieFace!!!!!

    But....I know Shorts is having fun with Calvin,MacNutPie,Coconut, Taj and Raj....riding on his back...going SQUEEEEEEKK!!!!!!
    They are all together....having so MUCH fun!!!!!!!!


  9. We are reaching out through the ethers to send spiritual hugs to you all.

  10. Raj gave it his all. May he rest in peace. (((Chana))) You get some rest not!! Hugs and Prayers!

  11. Chana:

    I know there are wonderful times ahead for you, Vinnie, Bindi, and Yum-Yum...

    but right now my heart is breaking for you.

    Huggz to you all, from Sylvia and Maya

  12. Chana:

    I know there are wonderful times ahead for you and Vinny, YumYum, and Bindi...

    but right now, my heart is breaking for you.

    Huggz, love, and peace to you.

    SSylvia and Maya

  13. I am so sorry, yet so impressed with the fight Raj fought and you too...I'm glad that you had that last bit of time with him even though sad, so sad. Now you just have to rest up and enjoy the rest of your "herd". My thoughts and prayers are with you,
    Take care, Lucy (silent MOD troy, ohio)

  14. He came to me two days ago, sat on my lap and asked to be released. Everyone to whom I shared this said NO, HE WANTS TO FIGHT! And so I provided every opportunity. Someone in India left me an email asking why he saw my lap and something disturbing. I told him it was Raj asking me to let him join his beloved brother but that I was not letting him. As things go, his passing with me, beside me under the covers with me will always be a comfort to me and - hopefully to him - for I will never have to live with wondering if I was hasty. He died of heartbreak. It is one of the most precious and endearing characteristics of guinea pigs. As long as the guinea pig lover can continue living. Thank you all.
    It will be a few days but I will be checking all of your loving emails this weekend. thank you just doesn't sound like enough, let's remain in loving silence for now.

  15. Chana,
    I am writing again to say how sorry I am, thought you both had the battle won. Raj and you fought a good fight and it obviously just wasn't to be. He's ok now and you can now focus on your other three little ones. Know that thoughts and prayers are flowing your way. Take care,
    Lucy (silent MOD from troy, ohio)

  16. So Sorry, Skeeter :(. Love and hugs, Meboylouie