Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Late this afternoon we were able to
pick up CocoNutPie and Raj,
both grieving for their friends
and cagemates...
Tomorrow we will get YumYum and his
But all has not gone well.
The vet could not definitively diagnose
the cause of Taj and MacNutPie's
illness but both Coconut and Raj
began presenting the same
symptoms early this evening...
At one point, CoconutPie could barely
lift her head...too weak to move any other
part of her body and had rolled 
heartbreakingly over on her side,
her big eyes pleading into mine.
 Raj did not move at all. Coconut Pie's breathing
became shallow and labored.
Neither have eaten, taken water,
peed, or pooped; both stopped moving
and had taken refuge inside their big
Snowflake Hut, cuddled side
by side...dying...

A vet once told me that guinea pigs
can die of grief and pain, and if all
else fails, to bring them into bed
and sleep with them.

Since the vet's life-saving attempts to force 
feed and hydrate Taj and MacNutPie, give them
antibiotics, and the best care 
possible - and failed to save their lives,
I brought them into bed with me. At 
least they would die in a loving embrace.

ConniEeeeeee was exhausted from her
own Lucy (her basset hound) having
surgery today but stayed up late
(East Coast time) and kept us
all company as I expected both
piggies to pass within hours and
praying only deepened my shock and despair.
So we all went to bed together
for their last hours while Connie kept
us company and from feeling alone.

As Connie and I talked, the piggies began
slowly moving about and became a little
more active.

I have moved their cage with no top adjacent
to my bed so I can pet them throughout
the night, although it is doubtful they will 
live without a Miracle...although I will
bring them into bed as often as possible.

At least by morning, whatever happens,
they will know that they were loved.

I hope that YumYum and VinnyGuinea
will be returned in good health tomorrow...

The losses are devastating and we still
miss Calvin, who passed January 2nd.

Thank you all for your love and
prayers for us as we endure the
Dark Night of our Souls, Raj and Coconut
still grieving for their loved ones as they lie dying.
It would be more than anyone has a right
to ask to wake up with Raj and
CoconutPie both alive in the morning,
Yet shall sleep tonight meditating
with that prayer which I know all of you share:
YOU: who are now the wind beneath our
broken wings...and hearts.

Love and Need you all,
and thank you...LOVE
is the only thing that can save us now.

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  1. dearest chana ....
    my heart goes out to you ...
    AND your meeris.

    sleep well, little stars in our eyes.
    sleep well, sunshine of every day.
    sleep well .... little meeris.

    we love you too ....
    we love you ....
    I wish I could be there to comfort
    you in your grief .... you all.

  2. You, Raj & CoconutPie are in my heart and prayers. I am with you and will be till I fall asleep with a prayer on my lips and in the morning when I wake up.

  3. There are no words, only tears and Love

  4. Replies
    1. Prayers incoming throughout the day from Maya and me.

  5. I, too am in complete shock about what has been happening. And, yes the power of prayer from dear friends does help a lot. I am praying for you and for your gp's. Sending my love and supportive hugs.