Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Dear New Friends,
For those of you not familiar with
the world of guinea pigs,
Guinea Pig Magazine is the only
International Guinea Pig magazine
of its kind in the world.
Published by our dear friend,
Alison, in England, she picked
our very own Taj Mahal to kick
off her first issue for 2012!
His wonderfulness traveled to many
countries throughout the world
and he is still on the cover until the
next issue comes out.
He was an orphan adopted from
the Whatcom Humane Society
with his brother, Raj Mahal.
An orphan made International
Stardom in the guinea pig world!
Even if he hadn't, he would have
been no less special to us.
He made us laugh, loved to
be picked up and petted,
was a rapscallion whose
favorite trick was to steal Raj's
fresh, organic veggie treats,
run into his Hut to hide them,
then run back out begging for
more, get his own, hide them,
then run back out and steal
his brother's...that was his
idea of Great Guinea Pig FUN!
And he also had a special gift for dragging
all of his toys and heavy ceramic food
bown into his Pigloo, no matter how
difficult it was to he
did it remains a mystery.
But every morning, all that had
been scattered throughout his cage
was missing and one lift of his
Pigloo revealed a trove of Taj's
precious treasures.
And he was sweet.
Just look at that smile.
He was so proud of his tongue
and bi-colored lower lip, too...
To our new friends in India
who may be visiting our site 
for the very first time,
many pranams for coming,
and for your love.
To our old friends, we need
not speak, for you already
know anything and everything
we could possibly say...

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  1. Chana, I continue to pray for you and your piggies. Love you!!