Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today brings mixed news: the good news is
how much strength he has gained. He can
scurry and walk across my bed and around
his new floor area. Not to play, though,
just to get from wherever I put him down
back into the Pigloo he once shared with
his beloved brother, Taj.

The other news is worrisome. His breathing
is rapid and shallow. He is now refusing to
be bottle-fed, and despite a quiet evening
cozying up with Bhindi (which I will not
do again as I can see now that it places
not only Bhindi, but the entire herd at 
risk) he still showed no interest in
anything. I hoped watching Bhindi
chow down on the many types of
food place in his new area, 
particularly the pulp from his
carrot and wheatgrass juice,
would pique his interest and he
might join him...nada.

He is now strong enough to be taken 
to the vet to have his mouth and teeth
inspected for possible malocclusion
and we need to find the reason
for his rapid, irregular heartbeat.
He is well enough now that the
trip itself would not kill him
but if I cannot feed him or
diagnose his heart disease...

Hopefully, they can squeeze him
in today. I have yet to take a piggie in
to the vet and walked out whistling.

The good news is that Bhindi showed no
signs of having caught whatever Raj has,
thank God, and I pray he won't!
That wasn't the best call in the world,
it was a desperate attempt on my part
but not a wise one by any means
and not one that anyone - myself included -
should ever do.

Your prayers...

Many gracious thanks,

Anita, we have the buttons you made us out
and your box arrived yesterday! Will open
tonight during quiet time unless weeping.
Thank you so much, Fairy, we have never
needed your Magic more!

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  1. Is Raj enjoying his slurps . . . I do hope so :)

  2. Anita, he is now refusing food...can Fairy whisper some Magical sense into him? Now would be a really good time...

  3. LOVE ...
    GOOD LUCK ...

  4. Love & prayers to you & Raj. Hoping he decides to stay.

  5. Come on, get well,stay with us...take in all the love and care coming your way and let it work magic on you. Chana, take care of yourself so you can stay with your little ones. Thoughts and prayers flowing your way,
    Lucy (silent MOD troy,ohio)

  6. Oh dear . . . I am so sorry. I remember only too well our dear Mariella's final days, she refused food and made her decision. I fear . . . I can't bear for more hurt for YOU, Chana . . . let alone Raj. Fairy is very quiet tonight, I will squeeze some Fairy-Magic but . . . oh Chana, you are wonderful, you sound strong, our prayers are on their way to support you AND Raj. Sending all our love xxxxx

  7. Gee Whillikers, Raj! Do ya need a Hooligan to come up dere and remind you to eat all dat good stuff?? Cause you know, our Mom won't free feed us. She has us on a 2x a day skeddyoull so that she can be sure when we need to do our bizned. Wowzers, if we had food just sitting dere waiting to be aten -- well, it wouldn't be dere for long. C'mon, Raj, eat up!