Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


As you all know, since mom has been in
the hospital three times already and remains
unstable and at risk, Parker our friend from the Farm Store
who "Gifts Us" to mom is taking care of us at his own farm full of Nigerian dwarf goats, exotic turkeys, Heritage chickens, rooster(s) and lots of other animals but he put us inside with a little bunny
because he thinks mom spoiled us so he isn't letting us run 
free-range in his back yard with all the other animals
and guinea pigs! Says we're not acclimated to the cold. BAH!
Life with our rabbit has been "different"...
As we have been "inducted" into the BUNNY HALL OF FAME
which came with exclusively special bunny-ears!
Thing is, we like them and nibble on one another's
ears and try to rip them off one another's heads to cuddle
with them since farm-boy Parker didn't take even ONE of our cuddle-cups or huts, saying that mom spoils us and treats us like her very own babies: HOW DARE HE!
We know mom remains way too sick to take us back yet
(although she is bereft without us) leaving us to adopt a policy of blending in, hoping maybe Parker will let us roam free once the sun shines with rays of spring-like warmth (ya, right...) but we ALL wanna experience for ourselves what life as free-range 
GuineaBuns feels like! We think this looks authentic, don't you?
We know (because each one of us FEELS) mom missing us terribly. But she don't know'bout our bunny-ears...her concern is missing out on Vinny's "formative WHEEKS" where he had already begun snuggling, eating, and napping contentedly in the palm of her warm hand: BabyVinny, cuddle-pig...
velvety, therapeutic, soul-healing...he is mom's Happy Place 
as are every one of us; WE have simply had more time.
uh, and, hmmmmmmmmm...
(NOW he thinks he a bunny: How WE gonna 'splain THAT?)
UH-OH: Mom, better get well soon or we may start growing longer, furrier, thumper-feet & hop about like jack-a-lopes, especially VinnyGuinea, being so young and impressionable & all.

We love you. ALL OF YOU!
And thank you with ALL "our bunny-pig" (don't tell mom)
HEARTS for YOUR prayers, well-wishes, and kind thoughts...
We love you, friends, we seriously do love AND FEEL You.
As does mom: hugged in the sweet peace of your kind warmth:  softly protected by you, allowing her to repose in Peace...
Peace gifted to us by YOU.
OUR HEARTS MELT IN THE CARE OF EACH AND EVERY one of our precious friends with gratitude only a Bunny-Pig 
can feel...
love you sincerely, you bring us all hope, comfort, and calmness
in the midst of these profoundly challenging times.
Your very own GuineaRabbits of BunnyPigFarm Sanctuary.

(OOOOH, Mom gonna get Parker for this!)
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  1. If farm boy Parker does let you out in the grass, careful of dirt, chicken poop and grass stain. You know what that will mean... BATH!

  2. WHAT?! FUGGETABOUTIT then! Thanks for the "heads up" and we
    know lots of e coli there, too, but ain't gonna happen after
    he came over and saw our Guinea Pig Village all decked out with
    fuzzy huts, cuddle cups, sleeping bags, long, plush tunnels decorated with, he gonna keep us in knowing it
    ANYTHING HAPPENED TO EVEN ONE OF US...ooooooh, mom knows where
    he works! And she got a cane that would fit right in the -
    "yahoo" parts!