Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, March 5, 2012



YumYum here, remember me? Well, in the
old days, we all had a BIG BREAKFAST
then took our morning naps. 
Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom!
But now these Un-Neutered guys, see,
whadda they wanna do? PLAY!
Do I look like I'm gettin' any younger?
So now that Bhindi's got this fancy new,
decked out for action play pen,
lil'VinnyGuinea eats and sleeps with
me, his "guy" and I AM...
but then I wanna sleep, not play
"chase the scooter-pig"
so then he goes in with Bhindi 
and THEY play chase ALL OVER
Bhindi's ManCave until they
wear each other out, lil'Vinny stands
on his hind legs asking mom to put
him back in here with me and by
that time he's done wore hisself
out, so he snuggles up next to me,
and he don't be jumpin over me
over and over me, he just climbs in
next to his YumYum and we take
our naps and Bhindi takes his
because he's ready for his
meditation in his
Fortress of Solitude and
whaddya got?
Ya got three happy boys and one
happy mom...
With way cool stuff thanks to some
way cool peeps who loves us very much!
Off to sweet dreamland.
Snuggles for the first time for me
in many years...and I likes it, I does!
And we loves all you, we does!
YumYum, Czar Infinite of Cavydom

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  1. ... we love you too ....
    which nice stories always ...
    it's fun ... to 'see' your life
    in pictures.
    hugs and love from bavaria ...

  2. We love you as well and we love all your orange and greens. My MUM'S favourite colour is orange and MINE is green!!

    Love from little me, Fairy xxxxx

  3. Chana,
    So glad to read and know that things are better, not forgotten but moving on and caring for YumYum, Bhindi, & Vinny and yourself!!! What a trio of piggies do you have now! Keep taking of yourself and those little ones and all will be ok...
    Take care,
    Lucy(Silent MOD troy, ohio)