Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Bhindi, Can We Talk?"

Bhindi, I know you think I'm just a snitty little
upstart who jumps by on Runabout to stick my
runty long nose into your cage to brag about me
being on Runabout and you NOT being on
Runabout and that you really wanna just snap my
nose cuz you start chattering your teeth and I start
chattering MY little teeth and we lunge at each
other between the bars and...WAIT!
THAT'S NOT WHY I'M topic! off topic!
It's YumYum, Bhindi, he has gotten SO FULL o'himself
with the Pashmina that the next few posts are all of
HIM just because he's still the editor, but we're going
to lose readers, I'm deeply concerned about our
circulation going down, you know how the business
is these days, for journalism and social networking
media and now he has gone and decreed himself
- oh, I'm not EVEN going to repeat it because HE
says it a-plenty himself - BUT Bhindi, can we put
aside our differences long enough to regroup and
figure out how to save our blog from YumYum's
Bhindi: "Boy, I gonna snap that nose off, you come
round shovin' it in between the bars o'my cage like
this one more time! GOT THAT, RUNT?"

And, with that, VinniValliGuinea was off running and
jumping over his cuddle cups and all things fun and
frolic-full that he loves so about his Runabouts leaving
the fate of our blog to...well...just fast forward.
It's easier.

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