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Panda's First Smile
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Friday, October 26, 2012


HI, it's me, Bhindi, and my story actually goes backwards like pretty much everything around
here, so if you can't read backwards, we'll give you a treat to stop reading since you've been warned.
Here's how mom won a place floating (we don't know exactly where) in Macy's Thanksgiving Holiday Parade LIVE in and from New York City!!!

First off, she didn't and none of this is true.
(Except they do have a Novelty Balloons category.)

Second, mom has to walk every day. One day gale force winds brought the brunt of a November windstorm upon us skipping fall entirely. Come to think of it, the storm skipped October, too.
In gale force winds, mom still walked on the dock.
But mom isn't a sailor on the Schooner Zodiac like that dapper version of Captain Jack Sparrow you see below, she's a mountain girl, so all she had to wear was her mountain gear except when you are in the mountains (and there is now snow there - WHEEK!)
MANY more layers of clothing are worn beneath what you see her sporting above. Without the layers,
the winds blew her mountain jackets so poofy-puffy
she nearly blew away. Not to mention she won't be modeling her togs in your next Patagonia catalog, either. (Cuz most of her old gear from The North Face.) Way more than you need to know...Still here?FINE! She looked more like the Giant Pumpkin of "Charlie Brown" fame. Except it was less pretty.
But really who knows? Since, as we all do know,
the Giant Pumpkin never showed up.
IF YOU AREN'T AMERICAN, we apologize, you might not understand everything. But we are American and - believe me - we don't understand, 
either! So we saw mom's pictures and entered her in the Macy Parade's "Novelty Balloons" category, thinking how fine it would be to see New Yorkers and visitors from around the world looking up and
there would be mom blowing about, knocking back and forth, to & fro, smashing hither & thither into
Manhattan's towering sky-scrapers. 
Actually, we didn't enter her in anything. 
Frankly, we found her appearance mortifying.

Please forgive us, whoever you are, but you one fine sailor dude aboard the Schooner Zodiac and THIS IS THE PROPER WAY TO DRESS ON THE WATER OR IN A SCHOONER OR PIRATE SHIP!
THIS is the kind of thing mom does that embarrasses us all the time! Why couldn't she dress like this?
When she came home, we kinda acted like we didn't know her. But she was happy for the walk, especially because in a storm that bad the only others out actually were mountaineers! YEAH, now this part true: There was an elite cross-country skier actually running, a seventy+ year old geezer guy mom liked who only took up snowboarding 4 years ago, mom, and then she met the former HEAD OF SEARCH AND RESCUE from Mt. Baker who would have been the one to find her (note brightly colored vest? not just for good looks: easier to find her if Search & Rescue...well, ya know) and they got to talk about where it's safe to snowshoe on the Mountain without dying in an avalanche, which a few years ago a snowshoer did. Rare, because it's usually the defiant snowboarders 
and back-country skiers who go WAY OUT OF BOUNDS and need rescuing.
If they survive. 

Mom said the coolest part was everybody waving:
"SEE YA ON THE MOUNTAIN!" as they passed one another along the dock.
(Distinctly not nautical.)

What will mom do to embarrass us next? 
Well, her eyesight is not exactly what we would call
Kosher and she doesn't know what we are saying here because she sorta can't even see it! (hee-hee)
But we know one thing for certain:

Yum-Yum: "What would that be, Bhindi?"

Bhindi: "I don't approve this message. But I have to approve Captainess Jacky Sparrow, cuz she our mom and plays with us, and cuddles us, and feeds us."

For more info on the parade, see collage link above.
(On the bottom of the collage.)
SEE? You were warned!

"Thank you, Squirrel," quoth Bhindi.
P.S. we have a very funny story to share about Squirrel but need to be able to see & type good to share. hope we can soon.
love you.
We made up nearly everything and just wasted time you will never get back again for the rest of your life.
'scuse us.
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  1. hahaha You look warm & comfy, & maybe a little puffy.

  2. you and i both know you are being "kind" because if we were on the phone...!!! Waaaaaaaaah, you'd say what you REALLY MEAN!!! LOL! :)