Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, October 26, 2012


it's me, Squirrel...
mom still dreams that i have a tail.

i love sitting in her open palm.
without the tail i don't have.

sometimes i think Deep Thoughts
while in repose on mom's open palm.
thoughts about being receptive, 
accepting change, going with the Flow.
i may be little but my Philosophical
Perspective on Life is quite profound.
which is why i know that i am a
guinea pig because all squirrels do
is steal bird feeders: they are nefarious!

so i know i am a guinea pig.
although in this photograph i don't 
look grey: i am multifariously 
COLORFUL and only appear grey.
still: i remain beautiful on grey days,
blue & sunny days, cloudy days,
rainy days, dark days, windy days...
mom says i make her day!
What more could one ask?
i make everyone happy! 
and i approve this message.
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  1. Oh my! I didn't even know about those two tone paws - I love them :)))
    What a beautiful, multi coloured little Squirrel xxx

    1. dear Aunti Anita, i am glad to hear your views on my two-toned paws, but will you ask Fairy, Pixie, and Bear for their opinions? seeing as how they're all girls, and i'm all shy, and all...
      thank you.
      p.s. mom made me "Girl Quality" this week. by de-naturing me.
      if it helps my chances i'll endure my sore bum gladly!

  2. You make me smile, & I love your little dark paw.

  3. We ALL approve your message Squirrel as well as your goofy behavior! Your Mom was describing it to me while we were talking on the phone last night. I asked her if perhaps you were a bit OCD....are you??? Or were you just having the time of your life running figure 8s in your habitat?

    Keep it up little Squirrel. You make everybody around you hap hap happy!