Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Sometimes When We Are Blessed With Someone Special...

If you were ever a MOD you knew Giz!
(Molly Obsessive Disorder, Molly the 
Owl? Remember? You either a MOD 
or you have to GOOGLE IT!)
Once there was a barn owl, and she
introduced lots of people to each other...

Meet Dinger, Giz's hummingbird.
Well, turned out Giz had a secret 
talent hidden even from herself!
She was an extraordinary 
Who knew?!

Giz had a magnificent Garden:
The Raccoons would make off
with her expensive new birdfeeders,
and you can read all about their
adventures on her blog (to the right
under "My Blog List") named
"Gizmomma World."

This here is Gizmo, The Giz!
Well, Giz was an itchy little guy
and Giz and I became friends
trying to cure him with herbal
and homeopathic remedies from
the Pacific Northwest...and an
enduring friendship was forged.

On my first birthday as a MOD, Giz sent
us all a package of Birthday Goodies that
even (especially!) YumYum loved to cuddle!

It was one of the best Birthdays of
my life! My first MOD Birthday!
Today I received a holiday card 
from Giz. We all know she has been
battling brain cancer and has far
outlived the doctors' dire predictions...
Tonight I called her and she answered.
She made it to Upstate New York for
Thanksgiving and home again: yet
another Miraculous Milestone in
beating the odds! She is home.
I must have woken her up...there
were voices in the background but
she was so tired I kept it to
"Thank you so much for the card: 
I love you."
~ Giz, everyone who knows you loves you
and anyone who met you would love you
crazy like your MODS, friends, co-workers,
and family all do.
On behalf of your devoted MODS,
"We Love You."
God Bless You, dear friend,
you are in our hearts and prayers.
Lil'Giz is, too.
Holding your hand from the place
where miles cannot keep friends apart.
Holding you. Loving you.
Feeling your love too...
Happy Holidays, friend,
Happy Holidays.

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  1. My heart and prayers go out to Giz and her family. We love you, Giz and little Giz!