Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peter And Bhindi Get THEIR TURN, at Last!

Finally, I AM FREE!

Hmm, this tunnel is kinda yummy!
No wonder most of it is aleady gone,
think I'll eat myself some sticks, 
yeah, that's it, Eat Sticks.
That's what Wise Pigs Do!

Wait a minute, Peter-Peanut, don't
eat that whole thing, let me outta
here, it's my turn!

Dum-Dee-Dum, Hum-De-Hum,
I don't hear you, Bhindi!

Hi Yum-Yum, how ya doin' today?

Every pig always pays respects
to YumYum when we get out on
Runabout! That old Pirate is all skin
and bones but he goes through THREE
And keeps hisself fit and fine, too.
{Note from Editor: YumYum has a
painful bladder stone, spinal spondylosis
meaning his spine has been fusing for
years, and until Squirrel came into the
herd for him to love, endured potentially
fatal seizures which ended following
Squirrel's arrival! He is probably over 90
years old in Guinea Pig Years but,
like Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones,
Keeps on Rocking & Rolling! 
Yeah, YumYum,
Alpha Male Chief PiratePig
 - and actually the second adoptee 
of PandaPig's Sanctuary, rescued and trained 
personally by
PandaPig himself!}
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. + LOVE = YumYum!

So, you hang out with YumYum
but ignore me, forgetting that
we grew up like brothers, Peter?
Oh, ye unfaithful friend!
Come on, let's play together.

Mom said it took a month to get
my teeth-marks outta your fur
last time, she won't let us anymore
cuz you got Big Man Parts that made 
you all bossy! 
I'm tired now though
and think I'll go home for a nap,
Mr. BIG-B***s!
{NOTE: he was too big to even neuter;
The vet had never seen
any manlier pig-parts than Bhindi's!}

Well, it's all good, I'm on Runabout
now, my Manliness INTACT, and
a happy, fat, affectionate pig am I!
{Editor: true that, but only
affectionate with peeps, not pigs.}

Hate to say "Good-bye" but mom
says it's not polite to eat with my
mouth full...
{Editor: "speak with his mouth full"}
So stay tuned for Next Time: when the
other pigs Get Out, Waaaaay Out!

Loves You All!
Bhindi & Peter-Peanut :)

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  1. That tunnel reminds me of pretzel sticks! LOL!

  2. It appears to a guinea pig that's EXACTLY what they are: TREATS!
    Oy Vey!

  3. The pictures are adorable, & really make me smile. Love to you, & the herd.♥

  4. The pictures are adorable, & really makes me smile. Love to you, & the herd.