Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Squirrel Potty-Trains His Sweet lil'Self!

Hello, why is it when mom brags about my potty
training all of you laugh? It's true! I did!
All by myself, too, you think any of those 
Pirates taught me? No way, they be bad!
So, 'dis here how Da Squirrel Does It!

Well, who doesn't love a little
sumpin'-sumpin' from Mom
on Runabout?

"I DO! I DO! Let me out, Ma,
I want some, too!"

Peter, don't rain on my parade!
You'll get your chance but not
till I'm ready to go home first.
Down, Peter-Peanut, Down!

WHAT? I know a lil'piggie
who gonna get it! Squirrel,
you got potty-mouth, talking
to your elders like that!
Shame on you, little punk!

Ignore him. Watch now, cuz dis
is how I does it!

See? First thing I do, go to my potty
after Runabout. Know what the 
other pigs do? 
EDITOR: "Not now, sweetheart,
let's stay on topic, this is about you!"

O.K. Ma, I goes to
my potty and I does my business
and mom - when it comes to cage
clean up time every night, you know 
what? Every night she coos:
"Oh, Squirrel, you take 5 minutes to
clean your cage. Why can't the other 
boys be just like you?"
Then she sighs...then she has to 
turn on music they wear her out
with the messes they make, 
but not me! I'm her baby Squirrel."

It's a fact, I have not grown much
but mom loves that I still look
like a baby. But after ya empties
da pot, ya gotta refill the tummy!
So, naysayers, guffawing readers,
DOUBTERS! See? I really did
potty-train myself, and I keep my
Habitat all neat, fit, and adorable, 
too: Just like me!

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  1. Yay, Squirrel! Too bad you can't train the others, it sure would save Mom some work.

  2. Good boy Squirrel. He is o cute, I can't stand it.