Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Everything's Gonna Be All Right: We Have Each Other and YOU!

*Goodbye YumYum,
We Love You.
Farewell, ye Guinea Pigs all
popcorning together on the 
Rainbow Bridge,
We Love You All,

*Goodbye Bellingham:
We've had the time of our lives!


"Molly the Owl"

Snowshoeing Mt. Baker

PandaPig's Peace Sanctuary


Mountain Biking

Wildlife Refuge Where
We First Lived for 10
Glorious Years!
ARTISANS Art Gallery

Great Friends,
Familiar Faces,
Fabulous Lattes,
Gorgeous Places...

We are so Thankful for the Years 
lived here as Bellinghamsters
that filled our lives with Excitement,
Adventure, Caffeine, Lots of Caffeine,
Adrenaline Rushes, Winter Olympics,
Island Exploration by Bike,
Ferry Rides,
Rock Climbing,
An Owl Named Molly,

A gentle guinea pig we named Panda, who had
been dumped, filthy and knowing he was unwanted,
Who Inspired "PandaPig's Peace Sanctuary"
for unloved, neglected, sick, and dying
guinea pigs so that every pig we could rescue
would experience how it felt to be loved
deeply, madly, crazily adored - by a human
and a herd of other orphan piggies -
before dying. That is what PandaPig
Gifted us...what Grace for such a small
animal! Thank you, Bellingham. 
Thank you, PandaPig.

A Drum Circle!

"Speaking Tree" site at the Times of India 
newspaper...a place to write from the soul.

"Guinea Pig Magazine" where our piggies 
grace artful pages and even the cover of a magazine 
read throughout every corner of the world.
Thank you, Alison Byford!

 A place to write from the heart 
with humor and pathos;
Sharing the exploits of two clutches
of Very Special Barn Owls, meeting new
people from across the country now
Forever Friends (((MODS)))

yes, everywhere...Friends,
Love, & Laughter!

and thanks for the memories,
all of you who helped create them
We treasure every single one.
But we treasure you most
so we pack you with us,
and off to New Adventures

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  1. Looking forward to sharing your adventures in your new location!

    1. Ms. A...AND we SO look forward to sharing them with you :)

  2. dearest chana and little boys ....
    we'll go with YOU ALL ... mentally and with our hearts ...
    into a new ... bright and happy future ....
    wishing all the best ....

    1. Ingrid, my star-faced friend from Bavaria...thank you! Your own courage through recent events in your life you have met with such grace and you inspire us and we count you as one of the most precious blessings, love to your meeris from the boys...and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  3. A new journey is scary, but we're here in your pocket, ready to lift you if you falter. Enjoy decorating your new digs and reconfiguring piggie runs, space for the coffee pot and art supplies. Enjoy your rooftop view and dare to dream. Lurves you bunches.

  4. Marifun...thank you :) Perhaps you can dream for us while we pack, add your own, then pack them in ribbons and bows, let the prettiest barn owl carry them on High to Seattle where we'll let them ALL GO - together - up, up, up into a cloudless sky!
    Cloudless sky. What are we THINKING?!?! lol! Lurves you bunches, Marifan...thank you.