Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, September 7, 2013



Today, it is the Little Ones who are saving me!
Even Brave Chai with his brain tumor remains
on my pillow, while Squirrel cozies under
the blanket...

You wonder why I haven't told you about this?
I never thought it would happen. We always expected
to get well, so why say anything? We moved to
Seattle with Hope on a Wing & a Prayer.

THAT we still have.

Now you know the truth.

And from your comments below, you are not
abandoning us: so I have to resort to the roll
of Bounty paper towels because you still love me.

Do you know how much you all mean to me?

Ask the roll of Bounty Paper Towels...the tears
it holds speak of how much you all mean to me.

Dear Friends in India, I PREM YOU LIKE CRAZY!
Dear MODS: "Who lurves ya, baby?"
Dear Friends in Iraq, Pakistan, Andorra, Russia, Latvia,
Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, Israel,
and the many numerous countries my STATS
say you are reading this from...I do not know all
of your languages so let's speak in the one
language we do all know: Thank you,
I love you. Your prayers have taken the
heaviness of pain from me, they have!
You friends in India know that.
Friends in America, please know that.
Friends all over the world whose names
and faces are inscribed indelibly upon
my heart in your own language,
please know that...there by the Grace of God Go We.

The doctors have, after nearly one year, done nothing.

Next week will decide, for my window is narrowing rapidly.

But, for the first time, I am experiencing your Love and
Inner Peace comforted at home with my little ones.

L'Shana Tova, here's to a Sweet New Year!

love & gratitude,
Pranams Infinite,

"Gone out...
Bisy Backson."

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  1. Is there a way to prop the window open?


  2. Heya Sweetie MemeDee, how are the Hooligans treating ya? Yes, we sleep right beside a window, in fact, and feel the breeze right off Elliott Bay from the Olympic Mountains. adjacent practically to both our professional baseball, soccer, and football stadiums, they have a game and blow off both a cannon and fireworks each time our team scores. It scares the &^%$#@! outta every one of us so we close it during games, praying for blessed sweet SILENCE. But the breeze is nice.
    How y'all doin'?

  3. MY SWEET CHANA, YOU WILL BE FOREVER IN MY HEART AND SUCH GREAT MEMORIES OF OUR SHORT TIME WE HAD TO VISIT! Ah the fun and laughter we shared that day revisiting our memories of Molly and McGee and their offspring! I have tried to call you and your phone is disconnected. Can you call me? If you can, I would love to talk with you once more. You have been an ANGEL ON EARTH AND WILL BE AN ANGEL FOREVER, WHEREVER YOU ARE! I LOVE YOU MY SWEET CHANA!

    L'Shana Tova, here's to a Sweet New Year!
    LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND (((((((((((((((A GAZILLION HUGS)))))))))))))))

    1. Jerri! Now where are those Bounty Paper towels when I need to blow my nose? You and I, our time together: Every single person who met you became suddenly happier, began smiling, laughing, and was transformed by your mere Presence and they Joy you emanated come one! COME ALL! The blessing was and remains all mine, dear, the Memory a Treasure forever, dear...will email you when energy are so precious to me, Joyful...and to so many, to everyone blessed with your love, your infectious laughter, your friendship, and just being with you...what words? what words? (((L'Shana Tova, you already ARE a Sweet New Year! You are a Sweet Moment!)))

  4. 5774 - La Shana Tova and peace to you always. CD3 let me know what is going on with you and I send you love and prayers and goo, crazy humor always! Love, Artgirl

    1. Thanks Artgirl, know you're painting the town with your talent and I TOTALLY TREASURE the ORIGINAL painting you did, a landscape so close to my hometown, remember gifting me that? A part of you is always here with us, and thanks Major for your love and prayers...and yeah, we doin' crazy humor, fo'sho, girl! :) FO'SHO!!! (((Artgirl))) lurves you...thank you.

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  6. Tammy, maybe it's just me, but I think your post is quite odd, considering what Chana just talked about.

  7. Heh-Heh, thanks Pixie! You said it best. I was dumbfounded. Or dumb lost. same thing. But, thank you.