Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Mom found this nifty drafting table at a local thrift shop and brought it home to create our first-ever "Guinea Pig Nation" art studio! We are known in elite art circles as "The 3 Creative Cavies" so she indulged us. Kind of like "The Three Tenors" but Renaissance guinea pigs, see?

Shortly thereafter, YumYum bit her (he was after Bear but her hand got in the way) and the wound not only became severely infected, but there appears to be nerve damage. She still has difficulty writing by hand and drawing is quite painful.

But, she quickly healed and the hand surgeon deemed her well enough to begin physical therapy. Yeah!

Shortly thereafter, Bear the BeaverPig bit her (he was after YumYum but her hand got in the way) and the wound was in exactly the same place as the first one. (Friends have suggested wearing oven mitts or simply keeping the two apart: DUH.)

Again, mom healed quickly and, barring any unforseen catastrophes like being caught in a meteor shower, she is finally ready to begin physical therapy and start drawing with us again! We can hardly wait to start chewing on our own masterpieces and tear them to the monks from Tibet did when they were here. They spent an entire week creating a stunning mandala out of sand, only to erase it once it was complete to demonstrate the Impermanence of Life. That is how we justify eating mom's art: We teach her The Guinea Pig Way, Detachment, and then we give the "What, me?!" look. Works every time!
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