Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hanging On By A Thread

Late last night when I finally succumbed to sleep
and placed Raj back into his cage, the first thing
he did was walk weakly to the spot where his
beloved CocoNutPie had gone to die. He stayed
there awhile which made me think he was going
to die there, too.
So, I stayed awake, crying.
After awhile, he walked weakly back into their 
snowflake hut, also searching for her.
She was not there, either. I thought he would die.
Upon waking this morning, I thought he was dead.
But he stirred just a little.
He is the weakest I have seen him.
He has been separated from Vinny,
lost his brother from whom he had never been
apart his entire life then lost CocoNutPie.
If anyone had a fighting chance to survive,
it was Raj Mahal, but now his heart is broken
and his will to live broken, as well.
Antibiotics will not fix that.
As he is not presenting signs of pneumonia,
the only chance of survival available to
him is placing him in the living room
on the opposite side of the room from
Vinny and YumYum where he can at
least hear them.
I can't in good conscience bring him
a healthy new baby to befriend him...not yet.
But once the vet gives him a clean bill of health,
Raj is getting a new friend.
Since Vinny is the first and ONLY PIGGIE
YumYum has EVER taken to, I must leave
Vinny to YumYum, but it is almost spring
and there will be a bumper crop of new
guinea babies looking for good homes
and broken hearts to mend...
If only we can keep Raj alive long enough.

To each and every one of you who have offered
support in every form from comments, to emails,
offering to pay our vet bills, sending marmalade, calls, more than I can mention
because my physical therapist is almost hear
and I am still in my nightgown...

the tears I shed for you are tears of gratitude,
not tears of grief.


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  1. Our Dear Chana, Our Dear SkatrPie, Our Sweet GP Angel!!! We LURVE You!! *G*

  2. Chana .... YumYum .... VinnyGuinea ,,,
    RAJ !!!!
    You know .... our hearts are with you,
    every second of every day.
    LOVE --> on the way over mountains, woods ....
    countries ... and the atlantic ocean ... to ALL OF YOU !!!!!
    Ingrid and Helmut