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Panda's First Smile
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

HRM The Queen's Flotilla Led by Our Very Own FAIRY!


Our Very Own Royal Fairy takes her place at the head of HRM's Jubilee Flotilla in all humility as not to usurp the Queen's Day.
Because she's just that kind of Fairy,
ours is!
To see more of Fairy's flotilla, please scroll down to the next post and enjoy the the very loverly video provided courtesy of BBC for it's quite festive, fun, lively, and - never think those across the pond boring - for even in the pouring rain they sure can throw a PARTY!

{this photo shamelessly stolen directly
from Fairy's most current blogpost without
her permission, for that matter, without even
asking her permission, lucky for us her birthday is coming up and she is in a most
magnanimous mood, as always, we say!}
And DO read her post linked right
up here to the right, lovely it is!

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  1. Thanks to your links WE have been enjoying the full spectacle of the flotilla on the wet and windy Thanks! To think that ALL THOSE BOATS set sail just for Fairy brings tears to my eyes! Xxxx